You & Geodesy


Geodesy serves many people and ggos and GGOS depend on interaction with a wide range of people, and you migth be one of them. This web page allows you to express your interest in and ask questions about geodesy, ggos, and GGOS.

If you are interested in linking in one way or another to geodesy, ggos, or GGOS, download the "Expression of Interest Form" and submit the completed document by e-mail to Hans-Peter Plag. In this form, I ask for some information about the background of your interest so that I can provide a qualified response. If your browser is set up to send e-mails, you may also fill in the on-line "Expression of Interest".

If you have general questions about ggos or/and GGOS, or other issues related to global change, the water cycle, sea level rise, or geohazards download the "Question on the GGOS Form" and submit the completed form to Hans-Peter Plag. Here, too, I ask for some information about the background for your question in order to serve you in the best possible way. You may also use the on-line version of the "Questions to the GGOS" form.

If you have comments on the work of GGOS, the web page or other issues concerning GGOS, ggos, or geodesy in general, please, use the Comments on GGOS Form. If you have information about relevant meetings, programs, datasets, services that you cannot find on this web page, please, use the "Alerting Us Form" to bring these events to our attention. Based on the input from many, this web site on geodesy, GGOS, and ggos will improve over time and become an ever more valuable resources for all those having interest in these issue, including you. On-line versions of these forms are available as "Comments on GGOS" form and "Alerting Us" form, respectively.

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