Older GGOS Pages

This page gives access to some GGOS-related pages and material that became archived here priot to 2010 for historical reasons.

A list of milestones is available here.

Former workspace pages were used by EC and SC.

Reports from WGs to SC were compiled on a specific Report Page.

Material of relevance for the relation between GEO and GGOS is kept here.

The web page of the former GGOS WG "Publishing and Legal Matters", which was abondoned in 2006, is kept here in case some of the material might become relevant.

Information produced in the process of GGOS becoming a member of the Integrated Global Observing Observing Strategy Partnership (IGOS-P) can be found here.

Information pertaining to the time of GGOS being a partner in IGOS-P can be found here.